Life without Integrity - is a life of uncertainty

Watch why Our Law is important

Based upon our Constitution as written not how it has been changed by Federal Judges, take a look at this Video by Spotlight. This shows one more reason, among many, why We the people of  the USA need to in act Article V of our US Constitution and get involved see it here 

Remember this , when someone would use their hands & fingers to make a Steeple and show all the people ?  Think of that as to getting involved / engage in OUR Government.

If not, then it becomes Where are all the people ? In other words our Government WILL NOT WORK as designed When WE the people are not engaged , the politicians etc. will do what they desire & ignore the will / desires of WE the people.                       Why you ask ?

Because they can, unless WE the people SAY NO by being involved. Make sense ?

Spotlight is now part of Family Policy Alliance

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