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Bible for the Visually Impaired

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Those with visual disabilities often rely on screen reader software, which is software that will scan text on a website and read it out loud to the disabled individual. Unfortunately most websites are not designed and developed with screen reading software in mind. Because of this, navigating many websites can be a difficult for the visually disabled. The reason the website looks a bit plain, is solely so the screen reader can navigate quickly. Other websites may look similar to the untrained eye, however, their navigation alone will slow down screen readers tremendously, leaving the disabled individual with an unpleasant experience.

Everyone should have access to the Bible.

Here are some products for those of you that are looking for the 1st time for such a situation, please note is not affiliated nor has tested these products , these links are for your information only. Please do your research

Verbose Text to Speech Software
Guide for Individuals with Vision Impairments can be used by those without a visual disability, but it was primarily developed and formatted to be easily accessible for screen readers.

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