Life without Integrity - is a life of uncertainty

Is America a Christian Nation ?

In America we placed IN GOD WE TRUST on our money starting in the 1800’s, no other nation or people has ever done so. Some with other references yet not the word Trust.

Then in the 1950’s Congress made Americas Motto to read,  IN GOD WE TRUST  In America when we state our pledge of allegiance to our Flag we say, America is ONE NATION UNDER GOD.

America, as a Nation proclaims GOD exist HE is real and whom HE says HE is.

America as a Nation also submits to GODS WILL as stating America is One Nation UNDER GOD , The GOD of the BIBLE the old and new testaments. Submitting to GODS Will Americas foundation is formed which is obeying GODS commandments as our Foundation and such is Americas basis to define Normal behaviour in America.

In a short 200 + years America has become the most powerful Nation on Earth. From America came Electricity, the light bulb, Automobiles, Air Plains, Radio , television and much more , think about how the earth would be without these. GOD granted America with the knowledge that has filled the earth with such blessings. Think about that.

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