An Amazing review of our USA History By Pres. Trump

Take a look at our American history

Remember our USA National Motto is IN GOD WE TRUST.  These words have been written upon our Currency since the early 1800’s for all to see, world wide, telling the World where Our Country Stands and in whom we Place our Trust as Americans.

Not in our self’s yet in God !

AS we pledge our allegiance to our Flag we state ONE NATION UNDER GOD !

The Majority of Americans Place their Trust in God , even though it “looks” as if America has turned away. That’s only due to, in the 1960’s removing prayer from our public schools and Govt.buildings and now the Media , internet corporations and the hand full of others who have an influence through broadcasting or the internet , and whom have turned away from GOD, Which is Our USA Foundation.  Our USA media, the internet corporations, aka our communications, make it appear that we are “Fundamentally changing America”.  Know that Millions upon Millions, the overwhelming  Majority of Americans are not and will NOT Stand down , we are simply waiting upon GOD in whom WE Trust and move according

Watch how GOD Moves

Rest assured GOD is NEVER Mocked

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