Life without Integrity - is a life of uncertainty is now a 501 c 3

Glad to announce that has been approved by the IRS as a 501 c 3

All donations will now be tax deductible.

Truly looking forward to seeing where God leads has been active in teaming with others to get Bibles out across the Planet to ones whom otherwise would not have a chance to ever read it.

I am looking into teaming up with others to see how can help and be active in supplying Fresh Water wells to ones in countries where fresh water supplies are non existent. For Drinking , cooking , showers and over all health.  With solar panels and portable generators the access by submersible pumps is now possible vs shallow wells and hand pumps. This also provides for irrigation for raising crops, cleaning and many items a village can not do without the well.

Think for a moment if your water supply stopped. How would your life be?

Also active in helping promote the 33 series for Men groups, prison ministry , Bible study groups, School groups etc.   CLICK HERE to see the site ( be sure to view the Video ) it’s geared for Men of all ages to become more aware of Jesus Christ in ones heart and from such improve their life’s as a Man , Husband , Dad, Grand Dad.

If you are considering donating or would like to;

Click on the donation icon on the top right hand side of this web site or  simply click here

I hope you are enjoying and it’s ad free Family content and resources.

Our flagship purpose is the Salvation page. I hope you have found this to be useful in sending the message of Salvation through Jesus Christ to others via email as well as sending out onto social media platforms

Yours in Christ

Travis Wilhelm , Founder

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