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To wear a mask or not to wear a mask

Hi;  No one I know enjoys wearing a Mask due to covid 19.  Would be nice if the Scientist would actually do a test like this.  Show me the science by doing test like these so we ALL can have some actual facts on if mask work to prevent China 19 from spreading human to human , that would be a real help , don’t you think ?

Thank you

Now let’s take a look at this

This one shows why knowing what works and why , will or should reduce the frustration of people worldwide.  The point is Covid is real and it was not fault of USA yet it was due to China. From what we know for sure so far.

Be that as it may, We ALL need too relax and adjust to what we must do for now. That means love one another, show it by being kind and courteous to others.  YES that means wearing a Mask when in close proximity of others.  Our National Motto is IN GOD We Trust. What do you say we do just that and  USA states ONE Nation Under God , what do you say we obey Gods word through Jesus Christ whom is the word., as a Nation. You will see Peace surround US

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