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Deceased Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia VS the ACLU

Speak softly & carry a Big Stick.  Enjoy this real live exchange of USA values that we now lack so very much due to this court ruling on social items such as abortion , removing prayer from our schools , same sex marriage and so on. Do you see a problem that 5 out of 9 people can and do decide on HOW We the People of the USA can conduct ourselves and setting our Nations Values?

Do you think / know /agree that such items of social behaviour should be placed on the public ballot box every 2 or 4 years so WE the People Decide these social items NOT a Court.

If so, please let your US House Rep. and your US Senators know where you stand and request they work to this end in there position for US so we are truly One Nation Under God.

AS you will see Justice Antonin Scalia had the American Values in heart, the problem is majority of this court do not. Thus the Mess We find our self’s , even though we as a Nation  proclaim as our National Motto In God We Trust, have it written on our currency since 1800’s.In our Pledge of allegiance we state that USA is One Nation Under God. That’s whom WE truly are as an American.

What do you say WE stand up for our National Motto and be what We Proclaim, ONE Nation Under God.



 Part two of this conversation

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