Life without Integrity - is a life of uncertainty

God made HIS Choice have You ?


God gave HIS best for You and Me and all Mankind
It is your choice to believe upon the name of Jesus Christ
God has done all the heavy lifting for you through Jesus Christ,
because HE desires NO ONE to perish, so HE made the way for all of us.

Why did God make it so we have to choose you ask?

Have you ever tried to force someone to love you ?
Remember it is YOUR choice to make

God made HIS

PS. IF you chose to reject God and Jesus Christ you have chosen where you head after you die, it is your choice not Gods. God didn’t send you to hell, you did. If you do not believe in Jesus Christ now, you will know HE is real when you die. Then what ? HE simply says go on, you made your choice I’m not going to get in your way. . Yes, a sad day for you both. Have you ever had someone reject you ? then you know how it feels.

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