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Fun Christmas Videos for the Children

This is a great time to explain that Santa Clause is simply a fun idea and Jesus Christ is truly real. HIS gift to all of us is the best gift of all, that being everlasting life. Then as you find time and you will , as they get a bit older, you then explain what the gift of everlasting life is and what Jesus did to give us this gift.

The best part is that when they get a bit older you are not having to answer the question of , WHY DID YOU LIE to me , Santa is not REAL!!!  OOPS !  Risking if your children now ask themselves, are you telling the truth about other things, Uh o !

Enjoying the Family time , I hear buttered popcorn and praline pecans are really good !!

      • Here is a nice Children’s movie about Jesus The Christ take a look , sure you will find this something you would approve of showing your Children , matter of fact you all gather around , get some popcorn etc. and watch together
      • Click the Picture to watch the movie


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