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Dentist Faces Lawsuit for Playing Christian Music in Office

Unbelievable , a dentist Faces Lawsuit whom owns her own private practice  by x employees for playing Christian music in her Dental practice and having prayer meetings in her own office. The employees should be counter sued for damages to her and her practice. More whom actually do that, these ridiculous law suites will slow to a halt as the ones filing them will learn they can get financially hurt and realize they must ( as they should do in the first place ) be sure ( have proof ) the person or company they are suing has done any thing wrong in the 1st place. If you own your own business you have the right to hire anyone you feel is best for your business, as your the one taking all the risk by putting up the cash and your the one whom has the most to lose if it fails. If anyone working there does not like the way you run your own business and disregards your rules then they should leave and of course you have the right to release them from their employment as you own the business. To be sued just because someone is upset and dislikes your faith are anything else about how you run your own business should be the subject of Law meaning a law suit due to that should not be allowed. Called Freedom. The Employees go find a place they like to work and the business owner hires ones they enjoy working with, that is Freedom.

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