Life without Integrity - is a life of uncertainty

Expecting the worst rather than trusting God’s best

I was reading a sermon by Chuck Swindoll and this phrase was in there;

Expecting the worst rather than trusting God’s best.

Something we all forget to do….. I know I do!  It just results in stress and lack of confidence in Our Fathers love for us ( remember HE loves us more than we love our own children , pretty amazing , as this is the way we can realize HIS love for us )

I learned much more clearly today to Trust God our Father through Jesus Christ , in every aspect of my life , instead of worry and that means expecting the worse.

I know , sounds easy to do…. yet if we are all honest with our self’s it maybe the one most difficult thing to do.

What do you say we decide to truly trust God ( our Father ) for HIS best , instead of worrying (expecting the worst)  and actually do it!

Here is a Radio broadcast by Chip Ingram on Dec. 03 2015  suggestions on how not to worry,

click here to listen

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