Life without Integrity - is a life of uncertainty

Health care Lack of Transparency

BE sure to be and stay involved in our government , after all , it is our Country, America, We the people ,By the people,For the people!

If We the people FAIL to do our job and that is to be involved and Vote, We the people will get what we deserve. That is losing our Freedom to those whom think they alone run our country and have you noticed … how well they take care of themselves ?

Click here to visit Citizen link’s web site call to action


By the way , if you know one US government department that is properly managed and not either losing Billions or simply over paying for what it purchases (over spends) send it to

Examples of our government agencies that are not managed properly  the Post office , Medicare, Medicaid ..all losing Billions of OUR tax money per year.. remember the $500 toilet seats bought by our Military per the Pentagon ?

By the way, How have we now , in a short few years, gotten into some 18 Trillion and counting , click here to see  ,  IN National Debt ?   So you can verify the severity click here to read this.

Why would anyone think that our Government elected employees ( yes they are all our employees, that are voted into a privileged duty of service and WE all pay them from our tax dollars paid out of our pay checks / pockets) can properly manage mandated health care ?

After all, they started it all off, based upon lies.

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