An Email sent to our Men’s small Group this year

Yet never forget ( as certainly you know )  Faith …. In God through Jesus Christ ….. in all you do.    Surly that sounds “dumb” to some and that is how HE designed it … “confound the wise”  yet if they only knew how real HE is  : ) or should I say  HE is whom HE says HE is …. And that’s why we are commissioned to  talk with those whom think your silly / stupid / ridiculous / foolish and so on for believing  HE is real , God almighty.

Earth , there is no place like it, the mountains , oceans , the stars and all the beauty it offers and thus if the big bang theory is correct , then many planets,  would be like Earth ,  such would be common place.  Yet as far as we can see , millions of light years out there ( via Hubble )  there is NO place like earth. It’s all gas’s and rock.

Point is , why would anyone not realize God is God and HE is whom HE is “ I Am”     after all thinking Earth “just happened by chance” knowing every planet &  physical object out there for millions of light years away  within billions of galaxies , there is simply nothing like Earth.

Also if the Big Bang did happen , the question then is how ?  Just some fluke of energy ? Then of course where did the energy come from ?  Something from nothing ? ummmmmmmmm

OK, either your smiling are your heading to the Med cabinet for an  Advil  saying why do I even bother to read David’s emails !   LOL

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