Life without Integrity - is a life of uncertainty

Hubble Telescope , take a look


Hubble space telescope

See how the Hubble telescope has improved our discovery of space  Hubble

for a fascinating in depth movie on Hubble

Think back 2000 +/ – years ago ,   no one knew back then , what we can see today 

When Jesus  stated to Tomas, Blessed are those that cannot see yet still believe… you know what Jesus  was referring too.. it was not the universe  

Yet we can now see  HIS creation that was impossible for Tomas and all others back then to see Yet they saw Him here on earth , yet  we cannot… do we choose to believe the universe and life on earth is simply all chance …. can you deny that we all will be buried and our physical bodies will return …. to Dust and …Thus ,

The question that is commonly asked … is that all there is .. there is no more…. Life is literally over ?  

For those that say;

Hey it’s just the “big bang”   and we are simply seeing the results …..  the question is whom initiated the “Big Bang”  and maintains the incredible  organization of it all  …  VS  The chaos of a simple explosion……..  

it had to have a “cause” to be able to have this “effect” that we see here on earth and from the Hubble telescopes out in space   click here


is it all an illusion : )

Nope, it ‘s real, as real as our bodies will be buried and reduce to dust and the Good News of Jesus Christ.

  • Remember this in 1969 Click here to see what historic event took place that year


Here is another version of the Moody Blues “The day Begins”


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