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I am now offically OLD, LOL – What now

If you’re over 75, you can pretty much eat whatever you want


There are times when you reeeeeally want to eat that third slice of pizza, order another basket of fries, wolf down that late-night doughnut. You resist temptation and think of your future self (and those extra pounds). But if you’re 75 or older, feel free to let out your inner fat kid. A new study has found that for elderly folks, a diet high in fat and sugar (i.e. American) doesn’t impact their health in a significant way, and there was no link found between a Western diet and a prevalence of diabetes, heart disease or death among participants. Maybe getting older isn’t so bad after all.

Found this write up on the internet a few months ago ( author unknown) and decided to post this after reading, as I thought it was rather entertaining.  Yet after reviewing, I am not real sure this is a great Idea – to eat anything you would like!!   Always , of course , be aware of your health and what is the proper, healthy diet for yourself. 75 is still young by the way  : )

Your thoughts ?


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