Supreme Court Description | Health Care Act

Do you remember when this court ruled that the Fine you WILL PAY if you do not buy the Govt. run health care was legal to do, Really ?

Adding insult to the hugh monthly increased cost this court ruled it was OK for our USA Govt. you know the people elected by US to represent US, WE the people , to demand by law, WE BUY a product & when & how WE are “allowed” more correctly when & how WE are TOLD to do so and if not WE will be Fined !

It is NOT rejecting We the people whom are in need due to preexisting conditions , That WE can handle, it is that WE the people, that means  ALL OF US , MUST BY LAW buy a product and  that is 100% Socialism & is not to be done under our USA constitution as such is 100% a contradiction of the American foundation

Yet you do remember ALL of Congress yep the House and the Senate along with the President and all congress staff exempted themselves from the SAME Health Care WE the People have Been TOLD WE must BUY or be punished by Law.

Really ?

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