It’s Not About Marriage

Watch,see what the move to accomplish same Sex marriage is really all about. Reminder , this was made into law by 5 , yes 5 people sitting on the Supreme court.  Remember it is not the supreme courts duty or place to make law(s) , it is in deed the congress , that being the House of representatives and the US Senate. Who We the people voted ( Hired ) to office VS the supreme court Justices whom are nominated by a President and confirmed by the Senate, they are not elected by We the People and have that position for life, unless impeached. Never has that been done before or they resign , retire , take a look at this for more detail Click here

Sure most of you know this and why your wondering how could this be taking place , just as the supreme court made abortion legal in all 50 states in 1973 , 42 years ago. Since then over 50 Million unborn babies have been slaughtered , willfully , by their Mothers. All with the approval of the US Supreme Court.

Rather appalling in deed and all because our congress and president(s) have not pushed back and up held our Nations checks and balances.

More important , the gay community is counting on the Church to coward. Yes , Coward and not take a stand. Meaning the Church standing upon the freedom of religion within our Constitution. By counter suing, requesting the court(s) to respect the Church right of freedom to refuse to marry a women to a women or a man to a man, as marriage is a Holy union between a Man and a Women in the sight of God. Designed by God. Thus doing so goes against the faith of the Church. Therefore violating the Church freedom of religion.  If the gay community desires to marry , women to women and man to man the new law by the supreme court does not prohibit them from doing so. They can simply be married by a Justice of the peace , for example and be legally married.

Therefore there is no reason what so ever for these peoples personal choice(s) to be forced upon the Church other than they have decided to try and force the Church by suing.

Which is more vicious, the Church respectfully denying to do so based upon the Faith of the Church or the homosexual couple disrespecting the faith of the Church and suing to force their choice upon the Church?

Bottom line:  It is Time the Church take a stand for the word of God , Jesus Christ , and all that the Church believes. As the Church will be sinning against God  blaspheming  the sacred blessing of Marriage,designed by God , if the Church agrees to unite a women to another women or unite a man to another man in the site of God through Holy matrimony as the Church is the Bride of Jesus Christ.

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