The American Health care Act Watch the facts unfold



One must wonder / ask yourself , why do our elected Employees LIE and remain in office ( still have their job ?)

Yes , our Employees, as WE the people elect them into office thus hiring them to do a specific duty of Service in turn for a very nice salary and benefits.  Plus the prestige of US Senator or  US house of representative and yes even the President of the United States of America.

*You do notice it does not say , The president of the Federal Government of the USA ,  yet does say and mean , The United States of America.

If you were to LIE to your employer , would you consider your job at risk , likely to be let go if your lie is discovered ?

The Same should stand for our elected Employees referred to as politicians.

YET it is up to US , We the people of the United states of America , to be and remain active in our own Government , for the people and BY the people.

Not Who cares , my vote does not count , why bother they ( the politicians ) will do what ever they want anyway!

Citizen link has a nice video about the health care act , take a look


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